TerBear the Pet Nanny

Big and Small, I Watch them All

About Me

I’m Terrie Franco, and I’m here to be your go-to pet sitter. I’m a huge animal lover, no matter their shape or personality, but I’ve got a soft spot for dogs, cats, and horses. Growing up, I was surrounded by all sorts of critters, from dogs and cats to horses and even rabbits. So, you could say I’ve been training for this gig my whole life!

I want you to feel confident in my abilities, so I’ve got some qualifications to back me up. I’m certified in pet first aid, and I’ve got insurance too. If your fur babies need meds, I can handle pills and even shots.

I firmly believe that pets are some of the best therapy out there for people. They’re always there to brighten your day, and I’ll make sure they get all the love and care they need while you’re off on vacation. And don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on your home too.

Your pets and I can take leisurely strolls together, play fetch all day or cuddle up on the couch. I promise to shower your furry family members with tons of love and attention while you’re away. 

Thanks for thinking about me as your pet sitter. I’m super excited to meet your four-legged buddies and be there for them when you can’t be.

Why choose me as your pet sitter

Affordable peace of mind your furry family members are taken care of while your away

Pets get to stay in their own home where they are more comfortable and relaxed

Your pet is protected from the stress and potential illness often encountered in boarding facilities

In home care is best for socially aggressive or timid animals

I can administer medication and I am pet CPR certified

I can water your plants, get your mail, and maintain an “at home” look

two light tan and brown doogles

In-Home Sitting Pricing

1-2 Dogs

$ 50 per day

3-4 Dogs

$ 75 per day

5 + Dogs

$ 100 per day

30 min Drop in Pricing


$ 25 per visit

Cats & Small Animals

$ 20 per visit


Food & Water

I specialize in providing top-notch care for your beloved furry companions. I offer professional and reliable pet feeding services for both dogs and cats. Rest assured, your pets will receive nutritious meals on schedule, ensuring their well-being and happiness. Choose me to ensure your pets are well-fed and content while you’re away.​

Pet Text Updates

I offer text updates and regular photo updates of your cherished pet. I understand how important it is to stay connected with your furry family members while you’re apart. With me, you can expect timely messages and heartwarming pictures, ensuring you remain close to your pet’s day-to-day adventures and happiness. Choose my service for that extra peace of mind and the joy of staying connected with your beloved companion.​

Dog Walking

I specialize in providing leisurely walks for your furry friend. Whether you have a dog or a cat that enjoys outdoor strolls, count on me to give your pet the exercise and fresh air they need. I’ll ensure your pet has a safe and enjoyable walking experience, keeping them active and happy. ​

Administer Medication

I offer specialized medication administration for your furry family member. If your pet requires medication, rest assured that I’m experienced and trained to provide the necessary care. I’ll ensure your pet takes their pills or receives injections with care and precision. Choose me for reliable and compassionate medication management, giving you peace of mind that your pet’s health needs are met while you’re away.

Maintain at home look

In addition to taking care of your furry companions, I’ll also water your plants, handle package deliveries, collect your mail, put out trash cans, and maintain the overall appearance of your home. You can count on me to ensure your home maintains its welcoming and cared-for look while you’re away.

Litter Box Maintenance

I understand the importance of a clean and hygienic environment for your cats. You can rely on me to regularly clean and refresh the litter box, ensuring your pet’s comfort and well-being. Choose me for dedicated and thorough litter box care that keeps your home fresh and your cats content.

Horses & Other Pets

In my comprehensive pet care service, I cater to a wide variety of animals, including horses, chickens, sugar gliders, rabbits, reptiles, and various other pets. No matter the species, I am equipped to provide attentive and specialized care tailored to each animal’s unique needs. From feeding  to maintaining enclosures and ensuring proper husbandry, you can trust me to deliver expert care and companionship to all your pets. Choose me for a versatile and knowledgeable pet care provider who can cater to the diverse needs of your animal family.

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